Julius Töyrylä - Photographer & Artist

Julius Töyrylä (b.1989) is an artist and a photographer who works in Helsinki, Finland. He incorporates classical documentary photography to graphic & poetical expression. He enjoys parkour and long walks on the beach and is eager to partake all kinds of projects concerning art and photography. 

​Pop Media                                                                                                                                  
Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Finland
CMC Finland / Kansainvälinen kriisnhallintakeskus             
 All Our Children / Yhteiset Lapsemme
New Performance Turku
Etelä-Suomen Sanomat
Music Finland
Shift Festival
Refugee Council/Suomen Pakolaisapu: Emptahy Movement,
Startup Refugees Network


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2019 | PD          Aalto University                                                               Art Education                    
2014 | 2018       Arts Academy in Turku - Bachelor of Fine Arts              Photography
2017                  Exchange in Seika University in Japan for 6 months      Printmaking
2011 | 2013       Pekka Halonen’s Academy                                              Vocational Qualification in Photography          
2010                  Lahti Folk High School                                                    Photography

Occupation & Scholarships


2020                - Was part of the Turku Art Hall Exhibition Commission Board
                        - Received a grant from Arts Promotion Centre Finland for the                                                                                                        project “Black Book”.

2019                -  Was accepted as an candidate for Association of Photographic Artists                                                             
                        -  Was called to participate in Nordic Light festival in Norway on                                                                                                   behalf of Uncertain States Scandinavia -publication.  
                         - Published photographic work in Uncertain Scandinavia photo                                                                                                      newspaper in the issue 10.

2018                 - Received a stipend for solo exhibition on behalf of Photocentre Peri.
                         - Was in Preus Museums “The Day of Photography” -event in Norway. I was there in behalf  

                          of Photocenter Peri to promote and talk about my work & photofield in Finland in general.

Group Exhibitions
2019      Summer exhibition            Pinxinmäki                                                                          Sysmä | Finland                         
2018      NYTT                                Forum Marinum & Vartiotornin Vesisäiliö                         Turku | Finland
2017      Between the Gaps ||           Yōkai SOHO                                                                        Kyoto | Japan
2015      Elävän taiteen ilta              Organized by Kuvatus Ry in Arts Academy in Turku        Turku | Finland        
2015      Pää Kainalossa                  
Köysirata -gallery                                                               Turku | Finland  

2015      Jotta kaikki olisi hyvin       Köysirata -gallery                                                               Turku | Finland

2015      Aurinko siirtyy etelään      Köysirata -gallery                                                                Turku | Finland

2013      Välittömästi                       Kaapelitehdas                                                                       Helsinki | Finland

Solo Exhibitions

2018      Joki, jota ei voi koskettaa

              A River That Cannot Be Touched                                                                                  Turku | Finland