Weddings - Esa&Eveliina, 2014

I might put out a wedding portfolio with some music photography portfolio also in near future. 

Tampere, 2014

Eve&Esa selfie, 2014

I gave the camera to the charming couple and this came out. Nice one!

After Pet Shop Boys, 2014

I was shooting in Pori Jazz Festival. There where sunshine, great food, and most of all, great live music. I also got the pleasure of meeting a finnish photographer Tomi Palsa. Great guy! 

My old high school friend got married also. I was a photographer (and a great guest) at that event. It was phenomenal and the whole day was beutiful. Lots of happiness and love to Esa and Eveliina. 5/5. 

P.s. Also greetings to Riku who I met at Helsinki Classic. Cool dude!

Stevie Wonder, 2014

One of my dreams came true this summer. I got the chance to take pictures of Stevie Wonder. Oh man. Stevie. Wonder. 

I have listened his music for so so long. I remember hearing For Once In My Life from radio when I was little. That particular song is one of my favorite songs of all time. 

There is some old school, old traditional love in Wonders music. Truly one of my musical heroes ever. Being there, surrounded his live music in sunny Helsinki. I could not ask for more.

I felt true happiness. Thank you Stevie Wonder. 

P.s. Here is link for Rumba Magazines article (in finnish)

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