Sleeping swan, 2011

Weddings - Esa&Eveliina, 2014

I might put out a wedding portfolio with some music photography portfolio also in near future. 

Tampere, 2014

Eve&Esa selfie, 2014

I gave the camera to the charming couple and this came out. Nice one!

After Pet Shop Boys, 2014

I was shooting in Pori Jazz Festival. There where sunshine, great food, and most of all, great live music. I also got the pleasure of meeting a finnish photographer Tomi Palsa. Great guy! 

My old high school friend got married also. I was a photographer (and a great guest) at that event. It was phenomenal and the whole day was beutiful. Lots of happiness and love to Esa and Eveliina. 5/5. 

P.s. Also greetings to Riku who I met at Helsinki Classic. Cool dude!

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